If you want, you can attend one of our animations in order to learn more about species.

Animation Public Duration Program Rate
Brown Bear Nursery School 45 min Bear’s features (adult/bear cub’s size, color (+ game), senses (+ game), diet, produits dérivés) 29,50€ per class
Brown Bear Adults 1 h Bear’s ID card (environment, diet, reproduction, senses, morphology, classification), Human / Bear relationships, history (in Borce, in the Pyrenees), debates on bears and their impact. 29,50€ per groups (20 persons)
Domestic Animals Children from 3 to 6 45 min Clues’ hunting (« cover », environment, diet, excrements, tracks, particularities) on our domestic species (rabbits/guinea-pigs, donkeys/horses, pigs, poultry, goats)

The animator adapt his speech to the public


Several workshops have been implemented :

Workshop Public Duration Program Rate
Bear mock-up Children from 3 to 7 35 min Bear’s in-depth study (diet, environment, appearance, hobbies…
Bear mock-up fabrication (with cardboard)
2,50€ per child
in salt dough
Children from 5 to 9 1 h Informations about tracks (types, utility, tests…)
Salt dough’s fabrication and moulding of the chosen track

After the visit, all the objects made will be carried.

Pedagogical book

Prepare your child for the visit with our printable pedagogical book !
Pedagogical Book (only in french)>