The Parc’Ours association has been created in January 9th, 2010 by formers employees, volunteers and members of the animal park. Its founders worked several months on this new project, in agreement with environment’s respect. The Borce’s animal park recovery, first touristic site in Aspe valley, allows, among others, job’s maintenance and creation. It also preserved touristic and economical activities and wild species’ conservation in Aspe valley.

The association’s purpose is to participate in the fauna and flora’s protection and conservation in informing and alerting pedagogically the public to the environmental issues and more specifically to the animal protection. The association wants to work with local actors whether they are farmers, craftmans, shops or associations according to the expression “United we stand, divided we fall” !
The association takes care of mountains’ animals unknown of the public, abandoned animals, seized, injured, threatened or concerned by an environmental problematic. Parc’ours sets up annual events with topic’s days with intervenants on subjects like apiculture, pastoralism, botanic, shearing…
The park’s reopening is a reward for the devotion and the passion of the members. It needed a lot of work from the volunteers to rebuild the site and organize the project. The association thanks a lot everyone who believed in the future of the animal park. We hope that you will enjoy the visit on the website, and hope that we may count you among our members.


A.Lehmann Alexandre Lehmann – Zoological Director
Graduated in agronomics/environment, Alexandre worked in environment’s protection and specialized himself in wildlife’s protection.
He got his capacity certificate in 2009 and managed an animal park until 2014.
In 2014, he arrived in Aquitaine and pursue in the same field and so he joins Parc’Ours Association as zoological director in January, 2016.
A-L.Baratte Anne-laure Barrate – Administrative Director
Originating from Pays Basque and graduated in biology, Anne-Laure worked for 7 years in ethical trade, and worked aslo as a volunteer in several naturalist associations.
At the end of 2015, she came back to her first love, the passion of animals and the awareness to environment’s protection and became administrative director in Parc’Ours.
P.Morales-U Pablo MORALES ULLOA – Animal Healer / Animator
Pablo came from Costa Rica. He grew up into the mountains, between coffee bushes and the forest. First, he developed his interest for the fauna and flora throught his photograph job. He also worked a lot in the farm sector, first with his parents, then in Normandie in biological farm explotations. Since 2014, he is glad to join Parc’Ours’ team as animal healer – animator.
M.Guingnier Marie GUINGNIER – Animal Healer / Animator
Due to an important event, Marie took time to think about and find a job which really suits her. In love with nature and animals, she obtains an animal healer diploma in 2012. After several internships in zoological parks, Marie became an employee in the Mare Auzou shelter. Thanks to this job, she realized she wants to do more for abandoned, seized or mistreated animals. Then she discovered Parc’Ours, and after some time as a volunteer, she joins the team in May, 2014 and invest herself in the wellbeing and comfort of animals.


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If you want, you can become a member of the Parc’Ours association.
Your subscription will provide a morale and financial support to our cause and the values we defend. It will also give you a free and illimited entrance for the park, during all the current civil year.
Thank you in advance for your trust and your support !
You can download the membership form below :

Membership Form 2016

Sponsorship is very important for Parc’Ours because it allows to support the association, its values and its ideals but especially to contribute and improve the life’s quality and to participate at the animals’ wellbeing.
Becoming a sponsor is also access to several advantages according to your sponsorship’s formula.
For more informations or for becoming a sponsor, please consult the document below.

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